This page is a work in progress to offer helpful tools and information about improving the accessibility of your website.

Add alt text column to Media Library List View

Using the Code Snippets plugin, add this code snippet to your site.

add_filter('manage_media_columns', 'posts_columns_attachment_alt', 1);
add_action('manage_media_custom_column', 'posts_custom_columns_attachment_alt', 1, 2);
function posts_columns_attachment_alt($defaults){
    $defaults['post_attachment_alt'] = 'Alt';
    return $defaults;
function posts_custom_columns_attachment_alt($column_name, $id){
    if($column_name === 'post_attachment_alt'){
        echo get_post_meta($id, '_wp_attachment_image_alt', true);

Then, click on the List View icon in your media library.

You will now see this column in the List View of your Media Library.

Write Your Own Accessibility Statement

You can find the information you need as well as an accessibility statement generator from World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). This site offers extensive resources to guide you in making your website accessible to people with disabilities. You can learn about developing your own accessibility statement here.