top five expert articles for more effective email

Top 5 Expert Articles for More Effective Email

In the midst of the overwhelm of social media platform choices, sending an email message on a regular basis is still the most effective way to communicate with your audience. How often should I send a message? What should I write? When is the optimum time to send the message? What to send your email list: The beginner’s guide for the clueless blogger Because what to write is usually a bloggers biggest question, don’t miss this list of 16 different topics with examples to keep your email content flowing. 7 Types of Emails to Send Customers to Keep Them Coming Back To continue on the theme with a bit more of a customer focus, Neil Patel provides excellent ideas which

easily create and use domain name email address

Easily Create and Use Domain Name Email Address Now

Why do I need a domain name email address? The rules of the blogging and online world seem to change daily. It is hard to keep up the latest social media platform and updated guidelines from service providers. One of the most recent changes from Email Service Providers (MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, and similar vendors) is the strong recommendation to use an email address associated with your domain when sending messages to your subscribers. How do I get a domain name email address? How do I add my new email address to my Gmail account? The answer to these two questions requires a few steps. I will gently guide you through the process. Navigate to cPanel with Your Hosting Service

Getting Started with Contact Form 7

The Importance of a Contact Page If you have any aspirations to generate income from your blog, then providing an email address and/or a contact form on your site is a must. If your primary goal is ministering to others, you will also want a way for your readers to respond to you in a personal way. A contact page shows credibility and allows other bloggers, businesses, and readers to connect with you in a user-friendly manner. Setting Up Contact Form 7 I recommend installing the plugin Contact Form 7. This is another instance where the best instructions are available from the developer. View the details here. The tutorial will walk you through adding the code of the default form