easily create and use domain name email address

Easily Create and Use Domain Name Email Address Now

Why do I need a domain name email address?

The rules of the blogging and online world seem to change daily. It is hard to keep up the latest social media platform and updated guidelines from service providers.

One of the most recent changes from Email Service Providers (MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, and similar vendors) is the strong recommendation to use an email address associated with your domain when sending messages to your subscribers.

How do I get a domain name email address?
How do I add my new email address to my Gmail account?

The answer to these two questions requires a few steps. I will gently guide you through the process.

Navigate to cPanel with Your Hosting Service

Log in to your hosting account and navigate to the cPanel screen. (My example shows images from SiteGround. Your hosting provider should offer the same options although the screens may look a little different.)


BlueHost Email Account Set Up

HostGator Email Account Set Up

GoDaddy Email Account Set Up

Email Section

Scroll down the page until you locate the Mail section. Click the Email Accounts icon.


Create your new email address using a strong password. Click the Create Account button.


Navigate back to the primary cPanel screen and click the Forwarders icon.


Click the Add Forward button on this screen.


Use the email address you just created in the first field. In the Destination field, add your gmail address or other email address that you check regularly. Click the Add Forwarder button.


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Navigate back to the Email Accounts screen. Click the More button to the right of your new email address.


From the dropdown menu, click Configure Email Client.

For BlueHost, look for Email Configuration and note the Private (with SSL) settings.

For HostGator, click the Gear icon next to your email address and choose Configure Email Client.

For GoDaddy, see this help page.


This screen provides the settings you will need to add your new email address to your Gmail account. Keep this screen open and open a new browser tab to access your Gmail account.


Click the Gear icon and choose Settings.


Click the Accounts and Import tab.



Click the phrase Add a POP3 email account you own.


Type your new email address into this field.


Once you’ve added your email address, click the Next Step button.


To complete the fields on this screen, you will need to see the settings page from your hosting service. Your username is your full email address. Your password is the one you created. To add the correct information to the POP Server field, copy and paste the information listed next to Incoming Server and match the Port number next to POP3. Then click the Add Account button.



You will see this success window indicating you are now able to receive messages sent to your new address. If you also want to send messages from your new address, leave the Yes button marked and click the Next Step button.


Add the name or phrase you want to appear on any email message you send in this field. Then click the Next Step button.


Again, refer to the Settings screen from your hosting service. Copy and paste the Outgoing Server address into the SMTP Server field. Check that the Port setting matches the SMTP Port provided by your hosting service. Enter your Username and Password. Click the Add Account button.



To confirm verification and complete this part of the process, check your Gmail for a confirmation email from Google. Copy and paste the confirmation code into this box and click the Verify button.



The final step (assuming you want to send and receive email from your new address) is to delete the forwarding setting. Navigate back to your cPanel and the Forwarders screen. Click the Delete button next to your email address.


Confirm the deletion by clicking the Delete Forwarder button.



You’ve made it to the end of the task. If you got confused along the way or would rather have someone else handle these kind of techie issues, click below.

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Do your prefer to click through instructions screen by screen? You can view this tutorial I’ve uploaded to SlideShare.

easily create and use domain name email address

How do I get a domain name email address? How do I add my new email address to my Gmail account? Learn how to with this tutorial or hire me to handle it. | MerriDennis.comSave










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