How to Choose Fonts for Your Website

Choosing Fonts for Your Website

Choosing Fonts

Choosing the right fonts for your website effects how visitors feel about you and your site and how they understand your content.

The fonts you choose along with your color choices help determine how visitors perceive you and your message.

For many years, font selection was very limited. Now, any font found at Google Fonts can be used on your site and allow your personality to shine.

Serif and Sans-Serif Typefaces

First, understand the difference between a “serif” and a “sans-serif” typeface.

A serif typeface has small lines at the end of the stroke on the characters. In contrast, sans-serif typeface has no lines at the end of strokes.

Font Sample

Serif fonts can express that you are warm, personal, artistic, stately, traditional, conservative, or intellectual.

Sans-serif fonts can characterize an organization that is technical, cool, clean, crisp, youthful, or modern.

I recommend that you mix and match two typefaces to bring variety and balance to your website design.

Choose your body type first since this will be the most predominant in your design and then choose a typeface for headlines, pull quotes, and captions. You will usually want to mix a serif and sans-serif typeface.

A search for “google font combinations” will offer you a tremendous array of options to consider. I have included some of my recommendations in the resources section at the end of this post.

You also want to make sure the font you use for body type is legible and large enough for visitors to read with ease.

Merri Dennis WordPress Tech SupportResources:

Google Font Combinations –

Font Pairing Tools –

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