Meet Me in the Middle Kathy Stephens
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Before & After: New Website, New Friend

Meet Me in the Middle ProjectJoin me on a Lenten Journey with my friend Britta Lafont and the Meet Me in the Middle Project.

The Meet Me in the Middle Project is a visual Lenten observation of the Gospel that began in 2015 on

Our hope is to curate (collect and organize) BEFORE and AFTER pictures, with the goal of celebrating the work that happens between the pictures, and connect our observations with our understanding of the Christian life. You can read more about the intention behind the project here.

I’ll be sharing images of website and graphic design projects. The unseen middle between the Before & After pics is the relationship with which I am blessed during the time in between. As I seek to listen and understand the heart behind the words and the meaning behind pictures, I discover new friends along the journey.

Stop by and visit my friend Kathy’s site and learn how she is traveling through grief and ministering to many along the way.

Meet Me in the Middle Kathy Stephens

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