Before & After: Renew, Refresh

Meet Me in the Middle ProjectJoin me on a Lenten Journey with my friend Britta Lafont and the Meet Me in the Middle Project.

The Meet Me in the Middle Project is a visual Lenten observation of the Gospel that began in 2015 on brittlafont.com.

Our hope is to curate (collect and organize) BEFORE and AFTER pictures, with the goal of celebrating the work that happens between the pictures, and connect our observations with our understanding of the Christian life. You can read more about the intention behind the project here.

This week’s highlight is from my new friend Beverly Dillow. I met her at the Declare Conference this past summer. She won a new theme from the great folks at PrettyDarnCute.com and reached out to me to help her customize her site to match her personality. She purchased some stock images from DearMissModern.com and I created buttons, sliders, and sidebar boxes to match her theme.

It still amazes me how much I can learn about someone through reviewing email exchanges and reading blog posts. I will again express my gratitude for the opportunity to make someone’s vision for their website into a reality.

Throughout the process I receive emails saying, “I hope I’m not driving your crazy!” And I am able to assure her that she is not causing any insanity. Each email gives me more insight into her head and her heart.

Please stop by and visit her site www.BeverlyDillow.com.

Meet Me in the Middle Beverly




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