Meet Me in the Middle Women at the Well

Before & After: Join Me at the Well

Meet Me in the Middle ProjectJoin me on a Lenten Journey with my friend Britta Lafont and the Meet Me in the Middle Project.

The Meet Me in the Middle Project is a visual Lenten observation of the Gospel that began in 2015 on

Our hope is to curate (collect and organize) BEFORE and AFTER pictures, with the goal of celebrating the work that happens between the pictures, and connect our observations with our understanding of the Christian life. You can read more about the intention behind the project here.

The beginnings of this Before & After story were caused by my last minute decision to attend a blogging conference just a few miles from my home. Even though the event was close enough to commute, I packed a suitcase hoping to be able to share a room. A God-ordained invitation and friendship began that weekend when Christie Hughes invited me to stay in her room. We spent the weekend soaking in spiritual wisdom and gaining practical knowledge while sharing our hearts and dreams with each other.

Two of Christie’s dreams include launching The Sonshine Box Ministry and a collaborative blog called Women at the Well. I’ve been with her along this journey providing accountability, a listening ear, along with some technical expertise. The Before & After pictures show an empty and then full contributors page with women of faith willing to share their gifts. Visit the site and learn about how God works things together for his good and his glory.

Meet Me in the Middle Women at the Well

I found Starbox the Author Box for Humans to be an easy-to-use plugin to add author images and bios to the site. The plugin pulled a Gravatar image based upon the email I entered and allowed me to upload an image when needed. The plugin made it easy for me to cut and paste each author’s bio as a part of the standard WordPress User Profile.

As you will see from reading the bios, each one of the contributors has stories and experiences to share. As we learn about each other and from each other, our lives are blessed and our spirits are refreshed.

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