How to Choose a Free WordPress Theme

How to Choose a Free WordPress Theme - 31 Days to Success with WordPress - MerriDennis.comWhile some decisions may be quick to make, decisions involving creativity often involve a process to narrow down your choices. In many situations, we consider form over function. But when choosing a theme for your site, consider function before form.

What do you want your site to do? Do you hope to publish a book or sell a digital product in the future? Then you need to make sure your email sign up options are prominent on each page.

Do you enjoy photography and want to share your images, then consider a site design that will focus on your photos.

Has God brought you through a difficult time and given you lessons to share? You want to create a site that is inviting and welcoming to readers who have lived through a similar ordeal.

Spend some time on other blogs you enjoy reading. What features of the home page draw you in? What elements catch your eye? Is there a similar theme or format among these sites?

How to Choose a Free WordPress Theme

Not all free themes are created equally or should even be considered. You must consider the source of theme and the person or team behind it. Look at the documentation available. Check YouTube for recent tutorials from the developer or another designer. If the theme also offers a “pro” or paid version, that is usually a good indication that free theme will continue to be supported along with the paid version.

Especially if you are new at creating graphics or images on a computer, I recommend you try a theme with “builder” functionality. In the same way you build a structure with Legos, you can create a blog with the building blocks available to you in these themes. The following themes offer this functionality along with great documentation.

If you are looking for something with a different look than these themes, consider the free theme recommendations at You want to use a trusted source for any WordPress lists you choose to follow.

How to Install Your WordPress Theme

To install your free theme, click on Appearance in the Dashboard and choose Themes.

WordPress Appearance Themes Screen Shot 01Click Upload Theme to be able to choose a theme file.

WordPress Appearance Themes Screen Shot 02Then locate the theme file you have previously downloaded to your computer and install it.

WordPress Appearance Themes Screen Shot 03WordPress Appearance Themes Screen Shot 04

Then activate your theme.

WordPress Appearance Themes Screen Shot 05You are now ready to customize your theme. You can reach the Customize Screen Menu by clicking on the Dashboard Customize or the Theme Customize. Then follow the detailed documentation written by the theme developers.

WordPress Appearance Themes Screen Shot 06Merri Dennis WordPress Tech SupportResources:


Make from The Theme Foundry


Awaken from Themezhut


Another well-supported resource for free themes is My Theme Shop.

Do you need a quick answer to a WordPress question, send me a note through my contact page.



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