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Before & After: His Girls Gather

Meet Me in the Middle ProjectJoin me on a Lenten Journey with my friend Britta Lafont and the Meet Me in the Middle Project.

The Meet Me in the Middle Project is a visual Lenten observation of the Gospel that began in 2015 on

Our hope is to curate (collect and organize) BEFORE and AFTER pictures, with the goal of celebrating the work that happens between the pictures, and connect our observations with our understanding of the Christian life. You can read more about the intention behind the project here.

Today’s Before & After story is a God-ordained invitation to join a small group of Christian bloggers who live in communities in North Texas and Louisiana. The group organizers planned a getaway and work day to encourage us on our blogging journey. I had met a few of the gals in person, but only knew one of them well. So my drive to East Texas started with tears of overwhelm. Once we are seated at the table for dinner, the laughter began and did not stop while the whole restaurant section wondered why we were carrying on for so long.

The next day was full of introductions and instructions as we got to know each other better and shared our favorite blogging tools and tips. The before picture shows the before evening of laughter. The after picture shows Betsy sharing some goal-setting tips with an image of our giant post-it notes filled with our favorite tips and tools hung on the walls of the conference room.

Meet Me in the Middle | His Girls Gather

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