My Top Three Podcasts Guaranteed to Inspire New Bloggers

Podcasts are one of my favorite blog resources. Whether I hear action-packed tips or inspirational interviews, I always finish listening with a smile on my face. I’m sharing my top three podcasts that will inspire both new and experienced bloggers alike.

ProBlogger Podcast

podcast-become-a-problogger-with-darren-rowseI’ve read and followed Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger blog since I started blogging. When he decided to launch a podcast, I knew I was in for a treat. While you can jump in and start listening to his latest post, I recommend you travel back to the first episode and listen to 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge. Each episode provides a short assignment / challenge that causes you to consider tasks and topics in a new way.

Darren was a youth minister and beginning photographer when he started blogging in 2002. Blogging full-time began with the launch of in 2004. From the wealth of experience he has gathered over the years, Darren and his ProBlogger team provide an abundance of resources.

Darren says, “ProBlogger is all about inspiring, teaching and supporting bloggers from around the world to create blogs that not only serve their readers and make the world a better place – but which build income streams for the bloggers behind them.” No matter where you are in your blogging journey, starting, growing, or earning an income, you’ll find solid, useful information you can put into action today.

YouPreneur Podcast

podcast-youpreneurfm-with-chris-duckerI discovered Chris Ducker’s podcast within the last year and truly enjoy his delightful interview style. On most episodes he plays host to an online expert where you learn their story and gain practical tips you can implement to improve your blogging and marketing.

Chris defines his blog and podcast as the source for Personal Brand Entrepreneurs. If you’ve even dipped your toe in the water of the blogging culture, you’ve heard about building a brand. Chris says, “ Focusing on building my businesses around my personal brand is the best decision I’ve ever made as an entrepreneur.” The better your readers understand who you are and what you value, the more likely they are to follow you, read your posts, and purchase the products you recommend.

Create If Writing Podcast

create-if-writing-podcast-kirsten-oliphantI discovered Kirsten (Kiki) Oliphant when I attended her email marketing session at a blogging conference. With my background in direct mail marketing, I knew she was the real deal and totally understood her subject. Since then she has become friend whose expertise I value.

I was blown away from the first episode I heard. Kirsten’s ability to listen and respond to her guests brings a richness to the conversation that I have yet to hear on another podcast. Her interviews with successful writers, bloggers, and other artists provide inspiration for your own creative journey.

Her teaching focus is using the best tools and techniques to market yourself and sell your products or services without being smarmy. That’s a word she uses a lot and one I thought she made up. In fact, it has been in use since 1924 and means: ingratiating and wheedling in a way that is perceived as insincere or excessive.

You’ll enjoy every word you hear from Kirsten and her guests and know you’ll avoid even a hint of smarmy.

Do you have a favorite podcast that inspires you on your blogging journey? Share it with me in the comments.


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