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WordPress: How to Log In

How to Log in to WordPressWelcome to my #Write31Day series for October 2015.  Many sites, including mine, describe how to start a blog.  You need to register your domain name, choose a hosting service, and install WordPress.  But then what?

We will answer that question as we walk step-by-step through the process which leads to a successful launch for your WordPress blog and website.

To begin your blogging journey, you need to log in to the admin or back end of your website.  You will usually find your site’s login page by typing your domain URL followed by the words “wp-admin” (  To get to the login page for this site, I would type in my browser bar.

This image will appear in your browser:

WordPress Login Form

Type in your Username and Password and click Log In.

Determine a safe place to keep this username and password.  You can receive a free Password Printable from me when you sign up for my weekly newsletter.  Do not depend upon your memory or your browser’s memory for this information.

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