Why I Fell in Love with the Genesis Framework for WordPress

Genesis Framework for WordPress

Choosing Genesis Framework a Logical Choice

When I decided in August 2014 to develop websites as a business, I knew I needed to find a niche of themes to use.  Because two of my favorite bloggers were and still are Darren Rowse and Brian Gardner, choosing the Genesis Framework for WordPress and the StudioPress theme library as a base for my business was the logical choice.

For someone new to coding, using the Genesis framework with a child theme allows me to practice and learn while creating beautiful blogs and websites.  Once I’ve learned how to change a feature or function, I can use the same method to edit the code in other themes.

Other online experts have made the same choice.

Brian Gardner and his team explain away the complications with easy-to-understand analogies.  To answer the questions, “What’s a framework?  And, what is a child theme?

A framework (ours is called Genesis) is a powerful type of WordPress theme — the frame and body of the car — that acts as a design, security, and SEO foundation for your website. It also “future-proofs” your site customizations, so there’s no hassle when it comes time to upgrade your software with one click.

A child theme is the pure design element that rests on top of the framework — the cherry red paint job on that car. Or blue. Or black. Pink. Green. You get the idea…

So WordPress is the engine, Genesis is the frame of the car, and a child theme is the exterior.  Visit StudioPress101 for the full features list including illustrations.

Genesis Framework Community Amazing

To further validate my choice, I recently had the privilege to meet Brian Gardner and many members of the StudioPress team.  The #GenesisWP community is an especially welcoming subset of the larger WordPress community.  Each person was warm and welcoming and fun and encouraging.

If you are considering a new site or a site redesign, check out the themes available from StudioPress.  If you choose to work with me to design and host your site, you can select any StudioPress theme for your site.

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