March Pinterest Trends: What to Pin in March

March, March, March. Think Easter, gardening, travel, outdoor fun. A lot of schools will have spring break. Spring fashion is starting to trend a little bit more. Think about going deeper on each of these topics. When I say go deeper, here’s what I mean:

Say you want to create a new board on Pinterest for some Easter ideas you have. Get very descriptive in your board names. Don’t just call it “the Easter board.” If you do fashion, have a board for Easter Dresses. Add those keywords in your pin description as well. Be specific about what you’re going

PowerPack Beaver Addons | Instagram Feed

I am happy to introduce our latest module to the PowerPack Family: Instagram Feed! Now you can display the social shares and your posts on Instagram on your website/blog as well with this awesome module!

This module allows you to connect to your Instagram Account and show your Instagram activities wherever you want on the website. It is not limited to just displaying posts; there are lots of customizations that you can do to make your Insta Feeds stand out.

Although it might seem tricky to integrate Instagram Feeds via the page builder but with the help of this add-on,

Five Things You Should Know About Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest traffic is up and Facebook referrals are diving. How are you making changes to your blog promotion? More Pinterest, am I right? [hint…I’m right] According to a new report by Shareaholic , the percentage of website traffic coming from Facebook has already declined drastically in the second half of 2017. As you can see in the chart below, Facebook’s share of all visits to a sample of 250,000 websites has dropped from 30.9 percent in the second half of 2016 to 18.2 percent in the last six months of 2017. Shareaholic attributes the drop to a number of […]

WordPress: What’s the Difference Between Posts & Pages?

WordPress Posts

The content on your WordPress site will primarily be found in Posts and Pages.  Posts are usually blog content entries which will appear on your blog or home page with the most recent post at the top.  If you are using your site for a church or business, post entries could contain your weekly announcements or company updates.

Your blog posts can be shared with readers via email if you offer a subscription option through a service like MailChimp or via RSS feed for subscribers who use an application like Feedly or Bloglovin’.

Since posts are added regularly,

How to set up your website & monitor its search traffic in Google Search Console

If you recently started up a blog (or any other kind of website), you probably know that one of the most important ways to grow traffic is to make sure your pages are being indexed by Google’s search engine. After all, Google is by far the biggest driver of referral traffic to just about every website on the web. But after you’re listed in Search and you start seeing the Google traffic pouring in, it’s also smart to monitor and analyze that traffic. You can do that with Google Search Console.

The 1-Page Exercise to Help You with Any Business Decision: Mission > Method > Mechanism


If you can rock with me for just a few moments, I will explain a simple framework to help you make business decisions . . . of any kind . . . at all . . . ever.

It’s so tempting as a business owner to go back and forth on deciding between two software tools (“Do I need MailChimp or ConvertKit?”) or between two different methods of accomplishing a goal (“Do I want to connect more deeply with my audience through an email list or a Facebook Group?” // “Should I blog or do Facebook Lives?”) . .

13 Free Ways to Boost Engagement on Your New Blog

Is your new blog a ghost town?

You put your passion and time into your brand new blog and fill it with amazing posts to attract traffic and readers and what ends up happening?

No one is coming to your blog!!!!

This hurts and can make you feel like you’re blogging in an over-saturated niche and that is why no one cares about your blog.

Boosting engagement on your blog like comments on your latest blog posts, social shares on your posts and chatter all over social media CAN happen for you!

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editing-tips-blue-wood desktop

The 15 Best Editing Tips to Craft Clear Content

It’s easy to have great ideas. It’s not so easy to write them down in a way that others can understand them.

It’s not worth putting your ideas down on a page if you can’t edit your own work or can’t get someone to do it for you. And in today’s content-driven universe, you can’t afford to be both a bad writer and a bad editor.

This is why the role of the great editor is paramount.


7 Content Calendar Examples From Awesome Brands to Inspire Your Own

In this post, we took seven companies across a variety of industries and reconstructed their blog and social media posting schedules (based on manual research) to create example content calendars.

Content calendars can make or break the successful implementation of your content strategy.

Then, after you’ve seen each example, we’ll show you how to establish your own publishing frequency, and build a content calendar to keep it organized.